Lectures & Seminars


How to succeed digitally! The secret of great video conferencing

With limited personal contact, rhetorical skills are a competitive advantage

Small Talk is Sales Talk

Ever wonder why some people seem to get all the opportunities and close deals with ease? Learn how small talk can be fun and crucial for your career growth.

China Code - Keys to an Ancient Culture

Wondering how to operate successfully, build and maintain relationships with your Chinese counterparts and clients? Overcome cultural barriers to facilitate collaboration.

Team Empowerment

We have all experienced the tangible power of words. Discover how you can use the potent effects of positive language to gain more influence in your career.

International Teams - Uniting the best of all worlds

Develop a better understanding with international teams and gain resources for common goals and success.

The Art of Presentations

Deliver convincing presentations that entertain, inspire, engage and influence globally. No more fear of public speaking.

Empower yourself: Let's talk, Ladies!

Harness the magical power of empathic words to boost your career. It’s time, women, to take yourself to the next level.

Business English that scores internationally

Discover the unwritten rules of global Business English and use this knowledge to convey your message more skillfully.

The American Dream – Be part of it!

Find the right words and strategies to connect with and convince partners in the US market.

Are you aware of the “Cyrano-de-Bergerac” effect?

Understand the subtle cultural nuances of deal-making across Southern Europe - from France to Greece.

German Code

How to better understand German Corporate Culture

Namasté India

Explore and navigate the historical and traditional norms that dictate business on the Indian subcontinent.

Switzerland and Germany- so close yet so far?

So near and yet culturally so diverse… explore the amazing potential of the cooperation between Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

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Susanne knows how to enchant with language and fires up your enthusiasm by showing the effects of using the right words. With simple shifts in communication, I find that I can achieve a whole lot more. We worked on solutions to improve everyday professional life with immediate impact. She has also provided me with invaluable support in creating professional lectures and presentations in my career.

Christina Vossler, Partner Mazars Gmbh & Co. KG, Audit Firm, Berlin

The results and excellent reviews from our participants speak for Susanne’s competency. This is the best training I have ever attended. A completely new approach, open, lively and very practical.

Alexandra Fischer, training and further education, Deutsche Welle, Bonn

Susanne Kilian's keynote was fascinating and very entertaining at the same time. It provided us with surprising and rich insights with regards to international communication. Even though most of us are confident speaking English at a nearly-native level, we definitely learned a l

Michael Geier, Board member, International Club of the Federal Foreign Office, Berlin



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