“China Code - Keys to an Ancient Culture”

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“China Code - Keys to an Ancient Culture”

Discover the keys to Chinese relationship grooming and successful deal making

China has enormous potential. But when we try to work with this five-thousand-year-old culture, we quickly come up against certain barriers:

Some commonly mentioned challenges are:

  • The use of English as a common working language. Learn to read between the lines to understand what has actually been said or agreed upon.
  • Differing ideas of time/project and quality management that need to be overcome to facilitate smoother work flows and clearer lines of responsibilities.
    Wie können Missverständnisse von Anfang an vermieden werden?
  • Understanding the notions of face loss, honour and the complex networks of relationships. It’s never about the contracts - it’s about finding the delicate balance between connections, bureaucracies and hierarchies that form the essence of success in China.
    The rules may have changed but the game is still the same. Learn to succeed on the field by making the game collaborative.

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"China Code" is bookable as keynote and seminar (on- and offline). 


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